An effective preparedness and response to emergency takes a team of expertise and passion working together to achieve a common goal.  To respond effectively you need to have a plan and you need to be prepared to action that plan when the time comes.  Fire & Flood Emergency Services is partnered with certified engineering consultants and able to assist throughout the entire process, from an initial Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA), through to implementing an Emergency Response Plan. Completing an assessment, mitigating the risks and having an emergency response plan in place is a smart investment. The National Institute of Building Sciences estimates that hazard mitigation saves $13 in response and recovery per $1 invested.

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices states, “Over the past five decades,
the costs of weather related disasters like floods, storms, and wildfires have
risen from tens of millions of dollars to billions of dollars annually in Canada. Insured losses for catastrophic weather events totaled over $18 billion between 2010 and 2019, and the number of catastrophic events was over three times higher than in the 1980s.” 

Projected increased burn areas suggest current strategies and tactics will be unable to cope with the rising costs of wildfire operations. Estimated low and high climate change scenarios, suppression costs could elevate 60% and 199% respectively. Moving toward a risk-based analysis will result in significant savings, in terms of costs as well as suffering, loss and cascading environmental and economic damage.