Our equipment is engineered, designed, and scaled to provide proven solutions
to the increasing preparedness requirements and response efforts to escalating
climate change weather events. The visionary research and development of our innovative high-volume high-pressure fire suppression systems are awarded a prestigious Canadian Patent.

Whether the objective is moving water into active fire areas, or moving water out of flood prone areas, our scalable sized quick deploy systems ensure the ideal volumes and pressures are delivered over the distances required. 

Our equipment is the absolute best dual-purpose equipment available. Engineered to ‘plug & play’ with existing inter-agency apparatus, we bring unmatched capability, exponentially multiplying the efficiency and effectiveness. With remote controlled operation capability, we can complete objectives safely day and night. 

Along with numerous pumps at the ready, with sizes ranging from 49HP to 644HP and submersible pump options from 4”to 12”, plumbed into hose options sized from 2”to 16”, we offer the fastest mobilization of equipment capable of extreme distances.

With climate change the “tactics of old are not going to have a meaningful impact on the fires of new”. Hit Hard, Hit Fast is a wildfire motto we grew up with. A traditional fire suppression hose is 1.5″. Our 4” system delivers 17 times the volume, our 12” system delivers 331 times the volume. Our response to a flood or wildfire is absolute; we hit hard and we hit fast.